I have a new studio so in addition to coming to your place to take photos in your home, you can come to my studio for a more formal look. Photos always make good gifts and if your are thinking of something different this year, or you are struggling what to give, perhaps photos, a photo book on the year with friends and family, or some personal Christmas cards. Below is a description of some holiday suggestions with pricing at the bottom of the page.


Portraits can be taken at the studio or at your home for a more informal look. I will provide a set of digital photos for you to download, share, or print. I can arrange for printed images on archive quality paper if you wish a finished portrait. All photos can be viewed online.

Christmas Cards

There is nothing like getting a Christmas card that reflects some thought from the sender. Now you can easily use your favourite photo (pristine or goofy) and put in your own text. Have your portrait taken with the family and send out Christmas cards each year.




Photo Books

Photo books make great gifts. You can capture an entire year or just a single weekend. Take a whole year’s worth of photos and create a yearbook for friends or family. Or just share a camping weekend, vacation or your best photos of the year.


Give something that will last the whole year long (and you can highlight your birthday, too!!)

Calendars make great gifts – you always need one somewhere, and when it is personalized with family pictures, they are priceless.


If you are providing photos for any of the products, I will review them and make any necessary edits to improve the quality and consistency of the end product. This is included in the set up fee.


Sitting (for up to one hour) is $199. This includes at least three digital photographs in print-quality and internet-quality at home or in the studio.

Pictures can be printed at an optional cost on archival quality paper in any number of sizes.

Christmas Cards

High quality stock, 5″ x 7″ cards, folded are $19.99 for 10 cards with each additional card at $1.99.

There is a set up fee of $10 for each card design and includes type setting the desired text. Several different designs are available.


Calendars involve a little more work, so the set up fee for going through your images and setting up the calendar is $20.

Calendars are 13″ x 10.4″ at $29 each.

Photo Books

Photo books require even more set up than a calendar and generally involve 50 or so photographs over a 20 page spread along with your text. The setup fee is $30.

Softcover, 20 pages, 11″ x 8.5″ is $29.
Hardcover, 20 pages, 11″ x 8.5″ is $45.
Other sizes and extra pages are available

This is just a sampling. If you have any requests you cannot find here, please contact me at or 647-938-1954 and I will be happy to discuss it with you.

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