Point Pelee

Walkways through the marshland.

I finally managed to get to the most southerly spot in Canada – Point Pelee. This peninsula tapers into Lake Erie ending in a sand bar with a sharp point, which falls further south than the northern border of California. Funny, but I am not equally compelled to visit the most northerly point – I prefer ice in a glass.

My wife and I were visiting family in the Windsor area and brought our bikes along for a Saturday morning excursion with her sister and husband. Since I had never been to the point (funny how you don’t visit the places you grow up around but crave more distance attractions) we decided to make the short drive to the national park and ride our bikes the 8 kilometers to the point. Since it was mid-day by the time we arrived in strong, bright light, I didn’t think I would be taking any fine art photos but scouting for a future, more relaxed trip.

Point Pelee is a bird sanctuary (I am not a bird photographer), is host to many butterflies and, as the noise in the trees proved, home to wild turkeys. Marshy on one side and a beach on the other, it is a pleasant, flat ride under trees with many points to stop and take in nature.

The “point” of Point Pelee

I love cycling. Combining it with photography is a little tricky. I used to wear my camera around my neck and take pictures on the fly. Still do occasionally. I use a black rapid strap that connects to the tripod socket of the camera and goes across your body rather than around your neck (the camera hangs upside down but is instantly accessible). Most times this is perfect and much more comfortable than a traditional strap, but I noticed that riding a bike wearing the camera can cause it to unscrew – not good! So I either keep my camera in a sling bag on my back or in the panniers. It’s not as accessible, but it is much safer.

Even if you are not into birds, this is an interesting place to visit and we are already planning a time to go back and spend the day exploring the area.


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