Home for Life 2012

I recently photographed “Home for Life,” a fundraiser for Eva’s Initiatives here in Toronto. Eva’s works with homeless and at-risk youth to help them reach their potential and this event is an important fundraiser held at the Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto.

The Holcim Gallery, where the dinner and auction was held, is open on the side allowing a lot of sunlight in. The challenge, of course, is the mix of light; the combination of sunlight and a mix of interior lights. It was a clear day and with the open side to the west, we were bathed in hot, contrasting lighting, forcing me to deal with some wide dynamic ranges. I don’t use flash at these events, as they are disruptive to the paying guests; however I do use them for awards or speakers, as there is an acceptance that this is expected.

I like to get to these events early as it gives me a chance to photograph the set up. Since primarily volunteers do this work, it is nice that they have some photographs of the work they do behind the scenes. It also allows me to get familiar with the location and where everything is, particularly the bars as that’s where most of the people hang out.

Design Winner Chris Clarry

There is a silent auction for donated furniture and household items (hence the Home for Life name and the connection with homelessness). Student interior designers utilize what is donated to create several rooms and a panel will select the winning “room.” This year it was Chris Clarry (chrisclarry.carbonmade.com).

Evergreen Brick Works was as late as the 1980’s a functioning brick manufacturer and is now a recreation area. Much of the old structures are in place and, being curious, I couldn’t help but wander and capture a few photographs of the graffiti and structures for myself.

On the technical side, I used my 24-120mm f4 for most of the shots but had my 10-24mm and a 105mm f2.8 for some of the shots. The 105mm has a macro capability to let me get close to some of the donated products. My ISO ranged from 800 to 1600 but the lighting was good, if often difficult in range and quality. Oh, and I rode my bike there.


2 responses to “Home for Life 2012

  1. LOVE THESE!!!! What talent!!!

  2. Thank you. I balance off the photography of people with inanimate objects. They don’t move or blink when I snap the shutter.

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