Italy, dark and rainy

This year I came prepared. We’ve had poor luck with the weather on our vacations so this time we packed waterproof shoes, pants and jacket. The pants and the jacket scrunch down smaller (and lighter) than a lens, which made me ponder the thought of taking a lens instead, but I decided I would rather venture out into the rain staying both dry and comfortable.

Of course, the rain brought out the umbrellas. In Venice the alleys are quite narrow and as you walk you see umbrellas going up and down to accommodate the tight traffic. Except the tourists who, armed with umbrellas purchased from the street vendors who’s wares instantly change with the weather, constantly bump up against oncoming traffic, unfamiliar with navigating the narrow passageways.



We did learn one trick, though. Seems the rain gods are partial to toasting wine. When we were out and started to feel the first drops, my wife and I would find a café and order a glass of wine, toasting for the rain to stop and, sure enough, it would. Almost like magic. Of course, the gods were on to our trick by the end of our trip and required two glasses of wine and an upgrade in quality for it to work, but work it did. I highly recommend the practice, even as a preventive measure on a sunny day. Just in case.

At night we ate fashionably late, at least as late as our hunger would let us – walking all day builds up an appetite. I brought my 50mm f1.4 lens for the evening time, giving me a little more lens speed than my zoom. The rain on the cobblestones at night allowed for more reflections.

Wandering around at night may have been one of my favorite experiences, even in the rain.


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  1. I definitely like this blog post.

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