Do you respond green the way I respond to red?

I’ve discovered a new word. Or at least rediscovered it. Sentient was the word of the day at my Expressive Writing class. It is having consciousness and a subjective response with feeling. I remembered it from my science fiction reading days where it was used to describe alien beings. I’ve since graduated to fantasy where just about anything is sentient. Got to love magic.

It is the subjective response part that interests me. The instructor asked, “Do you respond to green the way I respond to red?” Which is an interesting thought to ponder. When I look at a photograph, what emotional response does it cause? And why would I assume that the person next to me is having the same response as I am? Does black and white limit the range of emotions or channel them?

So, as I prepare for my trip to Italy, I’m thinking about trying to be more in touch with what I’m feeling as I take a picture. What is it about this spot, this view, this lens, this f-stop and aperture that makes me want press the shutter. I may not remember every emotion, but at least I will know that I had one at the time.

And I think this is very sentient of me.


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