A personal challenge

This should be interesting. My nature is to cart, if not all of my equipment, as much of it as possible on any trip I take. While this is tolerable for road trips, it is less practical when taking a plane. In about a week, I will have to make a big decision about what to take with me for a 17-day trip through Italy.

My wife and I decided we are only taking a single carry on bag each. No checked luggage. We were originally going to take the train everywhere so travelling light made sense. After getting a great deal on a rental car, we decided to stick with the original plan.

And oh, it is our honeymoon, not a photographic adventure.

I’ve travelled through Turkey and Israel with a backpack and a point-and-shoot. I was in transition between film and digital and had disposed of my extensive collection of Olympus gear and determining what to invest in. I learned one thing on those trips. I got great pictures without lugging around a lot of gear I didn’t use. Shortly afterwards I invested in a Nikon D60 (now a D300s) and as I acquired more equipment, I slowly forgot this lesson.

So, what to take to Italy. I set myself a two lens limit. I use a 35mm f1.8 for indoor and low light photography quite a lot. On a recent trip to Quebec City, I walked around in the late evening with it using a high ISO and got some wonderful shots. I also use this lens for indoors use, though I wouldn’t mind getting a 24mm to widen the view on the crop sensor. So I’m pretty sure this is going over my 50mm f1.4 despite how much I love that lens.

I think my main lens will be my 24-120mm f4 zoom. It is a nice size (not too heavy or long) is versatile. I have a 70-300mm I like, but I am leaving it behind. This gives me two lenses that cover most of what I will experience.

Most. In project management it is called scope creep, when you start to expand beyond the original parameters. In my case the two lens limit. I am sorely thinking of taking my 10-24mm zoom as well. It will fill in a focal range I think might be of value in some of the cities and towns.

But I think this is just me trying to cover every eventuality. It happens when I don’t focus on a theme for a trip so I try to capture everything. Perhaps, because it is my honeymoon romance would be a theme? I think that would be helpful in my selection of equipment.

A priest organized the trips to Turkey and Israel. I was the secret (or not so secret) non-Catholic on the trip. He reminded us to take our eye away from the camera occasionally to make sure we enjoyed the moment. Good advise, I think.


4 responses to “A personal challenge

  1. If it was me I’d probably just take the 35mm prime and enjoy the convenience!

  2. Thanks. Now I have something else to think about. I do like that lens. And it is effectively a 50mm on the crop sensor, the only lens I had on my original 35mm SLR for a long time. Oh, the good old days.

  3. i’d take the 35mm and the zoom. a zoom lens is a must on vacations for me. and i’d put on the 35mm for low light only. the slightly wider prime would be useful, i’d think..

  4. Sorry for the delay, but I am finally back. I kept the zoom, but instead of the 35mm I took the 50mm instead. The f1.4 is not much bigger and is a pretty good lens. I was pretty happy with the combo.

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