Bored but not idle

Nova Scotia South Shore

The weather has been dreadful. Not just today, which has been a cold drizzle that make everything damp, including my bones. It seems like it has been wet and drab for the last month. So, if I can’t play outdoors, then I will play indoors.

Last August we went to Nova Scotia for a vacation. My wife has a close friend who lives there, so we drove out to see them – me the wife and Molly the Doodle. As I recall, the weather we had there was much like the weather now. I thought that I had processed all the photos from that trip, but as I went through my work-in-process file, I discovered a number of photos that, while OK, were not quite good enough. Time to play.

I decided that if the photo couldn’t stand on its own, then I would have to make some big adjustments to give it some character. I did some tight cropping and then made huge movements with the controls to compress the range of colours. I blew out a lot of the highlights and dragged up the shadows slider, then used the fill and recover sliders to get something pleasing. Some photos I brought into Photoshop to do some selective sharpening using the high pass filter. The results are either poster-like or have a painting quality (which is good because I can’t draw anything; that’s why I take pictures).

What’s interesting is that photos that have a high contrast, like those taken at mid day, seem to work well with this tampering. So bad photos may have some potential. Yes, they can get garish, but I’m just having fun, and every so often, something really magical happens and I love the result. I recommend saving the “bad” shots for weird experiments. You never know what you may get.



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