Long and Wide

I have been doing some photo books recently and trying some different crops. The original photo of the horse was just average, but I decided to make the photo long and wide. This, at least to me, was an improvement and made it more interesting, particularly in a book format.

I’ve done this with people shots as well, doing a tight long crop of a man holding his son where only part of their faces are left. Black and white seems to do well as the photo is less dependent on colour and more on composition. I guess if you are going to make it long and wide, it is about the composition.

In the photo below, I also decided to blow out the snow and sky, giving a bit more forlorn look, while dropping the saturation down without removing all the colour. Perhaps I was just bored, but it seems to bring some life back into photos I would have ignored if left in their original aspect ratio.


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