The long road home

Garage Doors

Catching up on last year’s photos. I usually create a yearbook and I’m starting the process, which usually takes me until April to complete. Each year I promise I will stay on top of the photo editing and each year I find I’m spending most of the first few months of the new year on the previous year. So be it.

Anyways, I came across these photos I took on a trip along the north shore of Lake Erie returning from a stay with family in Windsor. One of the things I like to do is wander the coast and see whatever presents itself.


Instead of taking the direct route along Highway 401, we took the slow road along the coast, at least for as long as my wife allowed me to (she is very patient with this self-absorbing hobby of mine).

I like to take photos of graffiti or signs on walls as well. Getting in close. Sometimes it’s the graphics that attract me, sometimes the colour or contrast.

Fish Market Sign

Finally we ran out of lake, or patience, I can’t remember. My photographic fix fully sating me, we headed home. I have made a conscious effort to not take my camera everywhere I go, but it still feels funny.


2 responses to “The long road home

  1. Beautiful photographs! Love the colors and detail in each one. Nice, isn’t it to take your time, and just see what happens when you are taking random pictures. What a great way to chroncile a trip.

  2. Thank you. I have a habit of random walking wherever I go; just head down a road or look around the next corner. I once walked for half a day in Texas just following a river; the walk back was a little painful. Looking forward to a meandering trip through Italy in April.

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