My glasses are fogged

Allen Gardens in February

One thing I appreciate about Toronto is Allen Gardens. Well, there are many, many other things, but in the middle of winter you can spend a couple of hours in a complex of greenhouses admiring tropical plants. I’m not a gardener. I enjoy their beauty, but they cringe when the see me coming, fearful that if I am their caretaker, their demise is imminent.

I just completed a course in the centre of the city located across the street from Allen Gardens so I took my camera with me so I could take some photographs of flowers while on my lunch break. Sure enough, it snowed the day I decided to make my visit and I was fearful that the hot-cold-hot-and-humid environmental change would fog up my camera lens. I kept camera and lens as warm as possible, dashed across the street and into the greenhouse. My glasses instantly fogged up but my lens stayed clear. At least from what I could tell through foggily glasses.

There is a wide range of flowers and plants to photograph, none of which I can name. On this adventure, I brought my flash to provide some fill. In the past I have been there on sunny days with bright sunlight flooding in through the glass roof. On other days it has been cloudy providing a more diffused light.

You are constrained to the pathways though the greenhouses, so on a number of occasions I found myself wishing I could climb up over the wall for a better angle. Another reason the plants do not like me.

However, most everything is in easy reach of the lens. The plants come right up to the edge, so I have used a 105 macro on occasion to get some interesting geometric patters. And at the right angle, sun shining through, you can get some interesting back lit leaves.

By a vote our class changed lunch from an hour to half an hour in exchange for an earlier finish, so I had to be quick. One thing I try to do is bring my camera along on trips and do some exploring at lunch regardless of where I am.


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