A hunger for new equipment


Rumor has it that Nikon is going to make its long awaited announcement about replacing the D700 in the next day or so, something I have been waiting for. I like gadgets and new equipment. I don’t think I’m unique in this hunger in photographic circles.

The photograph above is making me pause. I travelled through Turkey and then Israel with nothing more than a point-and-shoot several years ago. Doing some housekeeping I came across the photos and I am still impressed with what I was able to get. You use what you have, and that’s all I had. It wasn’t too long afterwards that I purchased a Nikon D60 and a year later, upgraded to a D300s.

Point and Shoot in Israel

Point-and-Shoot in Israel

And I have enjoyed my D300s immensely. I take it almost everywhere and, yes I still have my little HP point-and-shoot camera and under certain circumstances, use it (for some reason, probably because I have been using cameras for over 45 years I forget there is a pretty good one in my IPhone).

So why would I want a new camera? At least, other than the fact it would be the newest, latest and greatest? I like low-light photography and would like to move up to a full-frame sensor to take advantage of the decreased noise that would bring. I will gain a shallower depth of field at the expense of the D300s crop sensor’s narrower field of view (hence a 1.5X telephoto effect). So, regardless I would not be upgrading, but augmenting my existing camera and using each to its best advantage.

So, once announced and I see what the potential advantages are, I will decide on what to do. Most likely I will, if not now then in the not too distant future, make the jump thinking that this is my last camera.



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