An eye for detail

Old Ford Pickup Truck

Perhaps it is the engineer in me, but I am as attracted to detail as I am to vistas. Sort of a little picture/big picture kind of thing. I wonder if there is something in the middle I’m missing out on. Or perhaps a reflection of my personality.

While not at a “macro” level, I do like to get in close. At least to inanimate objects. I’m still working on my people skills. I’ve tried it getting in close with people but it takes forever to get the nose print off my lens. Anyway, that’s another post.

The picture above is an old Ford pickup truck sitting outside at the Blue Mountain Ski Lodge in Collingwood, Ontario. I think everyone with a camera who sees it stops for a photo. I must have walked around it a dozen times, in the rain no less. Of the shots I took, I liked this one the best.

Giant cog wheel

There is a place in Toronto called the Brickworks, because that was what it once was. Now it is a place I bring Molly the Doodle for a walk, check out the weekend farmer’s market and take a photo or two. Some of the original equipment is on display in the buildings now converted for artistic endeavours. It was a little dark indoors, so I had to prop the camera on the railing around the equipment. Again, getting in close seemed much more interesting that the entire piece of equipment.


4 responses to “An eye for detail

  1. I love to see how others take pictures. I like photography since it presents the world in such unique ways.

    • Thank you. For myself, I am in awe of artists of any kind that can create from a blank canvass, or the equivalent in music. I am grateful that there is a way for me to express myself and what I want to share with others.

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