Fog and rain

Early Morning in Nova Scotia

I was intent on photographing sunrises and sunsets. I did my research. I knew the times and azimuth for each day. Two weeks on the east coast in a cottage on the ocean. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate. Each day I would rise up in the wee hours of the morning and sneak out of the cottage without waking anyone. I would climb into the truck and head out to some local spot I had scouted the day before. Each time I was faced with rain or thick clouds.

This day I got fog. Well, that’s an improvement; I can work with fog.

Early morning, Mahone Bay

I was reminded each day how hard it is to get a picture you feel good about. They don’t just make themselves. Despite not having perfect sunrises and sunsets while I was there, I made the best of the conditions and was pretty happy with what I came back with. Just have to be flexible. But everyday, I got up, ever the optimist.

What was funny was the first day had a beautiful sunrise. My wife joked saying it would be unfortunate if that was the only one I got. I need to listen to her more often.


2 responses to “Fog and rain

  1. The photos are great. The fog creates a good mystery.

  2. Northern Narratives

    I really like the ways the lights shine through these photos.

    I just discovered your blog and will be signing up.

    I have two blogs: Northern Narratives and a photo blog Northern Prints at

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