Stars of the future?

Sam Cash, lead singer of the Swamp Yankees

I do love low light photography and where better to practice than in a night club.

Sam Cash fronts a group called the Swamp Yankees. I am both a fan and a friend, so of course I would photograph their gig at the Dakota in Toronto last night ( This was my first visit to the club and had no idea what the available light would be like. Turns out the place is strung with what looked like white Christmas lights but there are also some floor stage lighting that provided fill, even if it is a little eerie looking.

There was quite a turnout and with a record company in the audience, the group put on a fantastic performance. Shooting at ISO 3200 using a 50mm at mostly f2.8 I managed to take about 350 photos in their short half-hour set. At these small clubs, you get to wander around as you please and get some interesting angles. I am looking forward to processing a shot of the drummer’s foot!

These two photos are just the first I tackled. If you ever get a chance to hear the Swamp Yankees, please give them a chance; I’m sure you will be pleased.

Swamp Yankees at the Dakota, Toronto


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