Taste Matters

I’m pleased and excited to be taking photographs at the annual “Taste Matters” in support of Eva’s Initiatives (www.evasinitiatives.com). It takes place November 8 at the Liberty Grand (Toronto).

I have to say that I really enjoy what I guess would be called “event” photography. Aside from being the second at the occasional wedding, spending time photographing an event like this gives me a chance to share a storey; the fact it is a worthwhile cause just makes it that much better.

It may be that I am coming out of a life-long shell; chronic shyness. While I love taking photographs of nature, especially on hikes or traveling, trees don’t talk to you. Or more to the point, I don’t have to talk to them. The sunset looks magnificent without any direction from me. People, not so much. And they all have an opinion, too.

So, events are all about people. And putting myself into these situations stretches me and, I think, makes me both a better photographer and a better person.

And who wouldn’t want to be a better person?


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