Back from Nova Scotia!

The Alexis Grace

While I never expected sunny days every day for two weeks, we ended up with far more cloudy (and wet) days than we wanted. Didn’t stop me from rising at 5:00am every morning to check on the sunrise. I waited in my car a number of days hoping for something to appear, but nope, no sunrise. Still, there are many pictures to be had; just different than what I set out to do. The photo of the Alexis Grace above was one I took trying to make the best of the situation.

Hoping for better luck in the evening, I headed down to Mahone Bay for the sunset. The sun sets over the land so I was hoping that the setting sun would light the clouds over the bay. As luck would have it, all the clouds disappeared by the time the sun was setting. However, the moon, a day away from being full, put in a gracefull presence and I spent an hour having some fun photographing moon shots.

Moon over Mahone Bay

I will be uploading more photos.


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