Collingwood Townhouse Rental

I have just finished creating a new web page for my townhouse in Collingwood, Ontario. If you are interested in a vacation any time in the year to this all-season area on Georgian Bay, just follow the link in the links side-bar.

The three-storey, four-bedroom townhouse in on the Cranberry Golf Course, on 60km of bike/hiking/snowshoeing/cross-country skiing trails as well as being close to beaches, parks, shopping, Blue Mountain Ski Resort, downtown Collingwood, movie theatres and shopping.

There are plenty of photos.


One response to “Collingwood Townhouse Rental

  1. Well, I have an update on the Townhouse – I sold it! I had it up for nearly a year, took it off the market for three months, then registered it with another agency and sold it within 3 weeks. The challenge was that the deal was going down while I was on vacation in rural Nova Scotia – a cottage on the ocean with now Internet access, no computer or fax.

    Thankfully, there was cell phone service. When the offer came through, they sent me scanned PDFs by email. I downloaded an app for my IPad called eNote Taker that lets you “write” on PDFs and save them/email them as a new PDF. You use your finger to write and it looks like you did it with a pen. So, after review the files, I marked them up and then emailed them back. Same with the counter offer and with the addendums. The entire deal went down totally paperless and using the IPad and cell coverage.

    So, no more Collingwood vacations; might look further east, say Europe?

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